My favourite music store in Stockholm

November 11, 2016

It is November 2016.

I'm  on a 34 days tour in Scandinavia and went to my favourite music store in Stockholm "These go to 11", to buy a drive pedal.


The guy in charge was very kind and left me alone in the  showroom with few different drive pedals at my choice for more detailed comparison.



The guitar was plugged into a Friedman amp with one dry ant two wet cabinets system.

When I started to play i realized the sound was incredibly beautiful and when I tracked the fx chain I saw there was only one stompbox added!


It was a Neunaber Immerse reverberator.It was very hard to choose the right drive pedal that way.They all sounded fantastic with the added reverberator that's why I did turn Immerse off and made my choice.At the end I bought the drive (Ramble FX Marvel 3)and it was not possible to leave without the Immerse reverberator...:-) Same evening I had a gig with my new toys, Marvel 3 (as first in the chain) which is very dynamic  plexi type drive, and Immerse reverberator which was last before my amp.




In my opinion Ramble FX Marvel 3 drive sonds very close to a real Marshall plexi amp.I own an original made in 1975 y. Marshall JMP mark II 50 watts super lead. The reverberator is brilliant and as the owner of many boutique pedals and over 28 years pro experience , I can say with a hand on my heart, I haven't heard  better stereo reverb sound of this size stomp box with a single switch!!!

If you wanna find rear boutique amps, guitar efx, and other guitar stuff I strongly recommend to visit These go to11 music store in Stockholm-Sweden or their website

The owner is an experienced, still touring guitar player and he knows well what all of us mostly love !!!


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My favourite music store in Stockholm

November 11, 2016

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