Audio-Video review of guitar gear:
In the last few years, I developed a personal hobby to compare or demonstrate different guitar effects, amplifiers and instruments. I then record my work on video with HD resolution and multichannel sound, and publish it on my YouTube channel.
My experience shows that the best way to understand a particular guitar effect or other hardware is to hear and compare its capabilities in practice. In my opinion, this is the best way to discover what you are truly looking for within the huge market of musical effects and instruments. That’s why, while doing a demo, I prefer to speak less and play more thus allowing others to judge whether the product fits their taste or not.
Usually, for every demo I produce, I compose and record a unique studio quality music accompaniment or use playback of one of my own pre-recorded studio tracks to which I play live in order to demonstrate a product’s full range of capabilities and present it in the best possible way.
I record and edit the video and audio for each demo, which usually lasts between 5 to 10 minutes. The entire process takes about 2-3 days unless I am on tour abroad.
Have a look at one of my demos presenting a beautiful hand crafted guitar.


Throughout my career I have composed numerous tracks in different genres such as rock, funk, pop, fusion, acid jazz and others.

Here is one I recorded in 2008 for Toma Zdravkov, the winner of the second season of “Music Idol” Bulgaria. All guitars, keyboards and back vocals are recorded and performed by me.


I also do arrangements, both for entire tracks and for guitar parts only. Here is a segment of an entire arrangement I did for one of Bulgaria’s most popular TV shows – “Gospodari na Efira”, first broadcasted in 2003 and still on air.

Audiorecording of guitar tracks:

I’ve been a professional musician since 1990 and since then I have recorded music in a number of different genres for various artists and bands, theme songs for TV and radio shows, advertisements, etc.

As a result of the nature of my work and because of the time and effort it takes to produce professional high quality demos, I have to charge a fee to produce them.


If you have a piece of gear you would like me to demo or just need brilliant recorded (dry of with efx) guitar tracks for your music, please contact me and we can discuss pricing and options.

Thanks for your interest.



© 2019 by Peter Glavanov. 

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