KD model Silvia Pepecaster-Peter Glavanov's signature guitar

KD model Silvia Pepecaster ll-Peter Glavanov's signature guitar

PRS custom 24 (1992)

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Limited edition (2004) 

Taylor 710 CE electric/acoustic

Suhr Custom Classic S

Godin LGXT 

Alvarez Yairi JY84-12 electric/acoustic , 12 string guitar handmade of Kazuo Yairi in Japan.

Fender Custom Deluxe Stratocaster Limited Edition #86 Masterbuilt by Yuriy Shishkov (2010)

Suhr Custom Standard(2004)

Yamaha  Pacifica 1511 Mike Stern signature


Guitar amps:

Fender Tone-master Zinky Custom Shop amp head +Fender cabinet  2x12” CELESTION V30 speakers.

Fender Tremolux 6G9-A(1962)

Marshall Plexi JMP 50 Mk ll (1975)  Marshall 1960A - 4x12 Angled Speaker Cabinet 

Mesa Boogie Triaxis & Stereo simul class 2:90  2x12” stereo pair recto cabinets with Celestion vintage 30

Mesa Boogie mark5 all tube 90Watts 1x12” Celestion C-90 Black shadow speaker

Friedman Runt 50 1X12 combo

Friedman Small Box 50 head

Friedman JJ Jr 20W head

Friedman BE-100 Deluxe head

Brunetty Customwork Mercury 100 EL34

Fryette Power Station 2

In my  live performances at the moment , my favorite toys are:


The GigRig: G2, Remote Loopy 2, HumDinger, Bank Manager, Generator, Distributur

Cioks: DC 5, Schizophrenic power supply

Free the Tone: Future Factory FF1Y delay

KingTone:Vintage Fuzz, The Duellist

Disaster Area: DMC-3XL gen2, DMT-1 micro tap tempo

Strymon: Timeline, Mobius, Zuma, Ojai

Nobels: ODR-1, ODR Mini

Catalinbread: Echorec

Suhr: Koko boost pedal

JHS: the @

Analog Man: King of Tone

Keeley: Eccos delay

Jackson Audio: Prism

Supro: 1310 Tremolo

Neunaber: Immerse reverberator

Vemuram: Jan Ray

One Control: Iguana tail Loop MkII, midi cables

Friedman: Dirty Shirley overdrive, Golden Pearl overdrive

Hermida Zendrive

T.C.Electronic: Stereo Chorus flanger, Polytune 2 mini noir, Polytune 3 mini noir

G-Lab: wah pad

Wampler: Velvet Fuzz, Tumnus

DOD: Rubberneck Analog delay

N-Audio electronics: 8X6 Amplifier/Cabinet switcher

Dunlop: CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah, GCB95, X mini DVP-4 volume pedal

Rocktron: Midi mate foot controler, Banshee talkbox

Mesa Boogie:Triaxis, Stereo Simul Class 2:90, 2 x 12' recto cabinets, V-Twin preamp version 2

XOTIC: BB Preamp, EP booster, XW-1 Wah, Soul driven

Cmatmodes: Brownie

Ibanez: Tube screamer mini

Mooer: Ensemble King Analog Chorus

Neo Instruments: Ventilator/Rotary cabinet simulator, Micro Vent 122

Empress: tremolo

Origin: Cali76 Compact deluxe

Electro-Harmonix: Nano POG, Holy Grail Plus reverb

ISP Technologies: Decimator G string Noise Reduce, Deci-mate

MXR: Carbon copy analog delay

Digitech: Whammy-4, Freqout

MoltenVoltage: Molten MIDI 2- Programmable Stompbox Whammy Controller

Boss: CE2 Waza, FV 500-H volume expression pedal, TU-2, PSM5-power supply

Moog: EP-3

Korg: Pitchblack 1000

Temple Audio Design: Trio 28

Pedaltrain: Nano 18

Rockboard: Solo

EBS: PCF Deluxe flat patch cables

Lava: Retro Coil cable, mini ultramafic patch cables

Klotz: Titanium high end instrumental cables

Mics: Sennheiser E-609 Silver, Shure Sm57, Shure Sm57 beta


Wireless system: Shure UT Marcad diversity

Acoustic guitar Gracie stand.

Scheme of pedalboard-WET/DRY/WET  May 2018

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© 2019 by Peter Glavanov. 

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