Peter Glavanov is a multi-faceted guitarist, producer and composer. He has extensive experience in composition, live performance (over 3000 gigs) and hundreds studio sessions in a variety of genres including Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Alternative, and Progressive Rock.

Peter has a rich musical background since he grew up in a family of classical musicians.
He started his studies in piano at the age of five. By age ten, he had started to play clarinet as well.
Five years later, at fifteen, he received his grandfather's acoustic guitar as a present.
Peter learned quickly and soon bought his own electric guitar.
At the age of twenty-two, he was fortunate enough to spend two years playing in clubs such as "Roxy", "Troubadour",and "Gazzari`s" in Los Angeles, California. After returning to Europe to finish his musical education,Peter received a Masters Degree from the National Music Academy of Sofia.
Throughout college and afterwards, he has worked with many artists and bands including:
Steve Plunkett, Mellow Mac, Pedro Lugo Martinez(El Nene), Vassil Naidenov, “L.A.”, Sofia, Grafa, Margarita Hranova, “Burning Sound”, “Naked”, “Rag Dolls”, “Karamel”, “Avenue”, “Slang”,”The School-Mates”, Buzz D'Angelo, “Akaga” etc.
Over the years the most important guitar inspirations to Peter have included  artists such as:
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Steve Luckather, Steve Morse, Scott Henderson, Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons, Eddie Van Halen,Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Eric Clapton and many, many other known and unknown artists he respects.
In 2004, Peter was invited to write and perform a solo progressive rock composition titled "Memories,"
in an instrumental CD, "The Best Guitars of Bulgaria."
Later that same year, with incentives from his American friend and producer, Mathew Cherniawski of Dives Publishing,he recorded his first solo album, "Night Games." 
Pepe is very active in television as well.
As a band member and guitar player of "AKAGA"
he was invited to support few of the most popular TV  shows in Bulgaria:
2008 "The Magnificent Six" and "Music Idol" season 2 (as a member of the host band of the both shows)
2009 "Dancing with the Stars" season 2 (as a member of the host band of the show)
2010 "The Magnificent Six" season 2 (as a member of the host band of the show)
2011 "X-factor"(he recorded most of the guitar parts for the TV edition)
2013 "Music Academy" (as a member of the host band of the show)
At the moment Pepe is playing with "AKAGA" and just finished recording of his second solo album "Mish Mash" 2016.

In August 2019 he become a proud member of Friedman amplification artist list.


© 2019 by Peter Glavanov. 

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